FAQ - Phone Display

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A 'No Service' error message on your Aastra phone may be a 'true' message or a 'false' message. It was 'true' at the time the phone created the error message but the phone may have reestablished service prior to the error message being replaced with the normal phone display (your name and ext number).

The 'No Service' error message is usually the result of a temporary loss of Internet connectivity. It could only be for several milliseconds (ms) or 1/2 second. This will not be obvious to you on your computer even if you are surfing or sending and/or receiving email. The processes on your computer will just be a bit slower but it would be unusual for you to even notice the change in speed.

Your phones is configured to call and register with our PBX server every 60 seconds. It should re-register on its own. When it does, the 'No Service' error message will be replaced by the normal phone display. Sometimes the phone will take 2 cycles - or 120 seconds to re-register.

To test to see if your phone has service:

  • Dial *55. If you hear Music on Hold, your phone has service.
  • If you do NOT hear Music on Hold, wait 60 seconds and Dial *55 again. If you hear Music on Hold, your phone has service.
  • If all else fails, press the Wrench Symbol (Options) and scroll to 'Restart Phone' >
  • Select 'Restart Phone' and confirm "Restart Phone'
  • Wait for your phone to restart and if the normal phone display reappears, you have service.