How do I wipe my BlackBerry?

Please Note: This procedure is ONLY required if you have previously carried out an Enterprise Activation on the BlackBerry. If you have never done an Enterprise Activation on the BlackBerry or it is a new Blackberry, please go directly to the Zimbra/BlackBerry Enterprise Activation instructions.

Warning: All data, third party applications and custom settings on the device will be erased. Please back up your data using your Blackberry Desktop Manager before proceeding. Please follow the restore BlackBerry data instructions after you have completed Enterprise Activation.

Note: If you have turned on Content Protection, the process for deleting all the data on the BlackBerry device can take up to an hour to complete. Do not remove the battery from the BlackBerry device while data is being deleted.

To wipe your BlackBerry:

  • Select the Settings icon (if applicable to your BlackBerry),
  • Or, select the Options icon,
  • Scroll to and select Security Options,
  • Scroll to and select General Settings,
  • Press the menu key, select Wipe Handheld,
  • The BlackBerry will confirm that your data will be erased. Select Continue, and
  • Enter blackberry to confirm the BlackBerry wipe.

The BlackBerry will wipe and then reboot itself. The procedure can take a few minutes. Once the reboot is completed, go to the BlackBerry/Zimbra Enterprise Activation instructions.