How do I call 911?

Emergency (911) Service Calls and SaaS 44° Hosted VoIP

Your SaaS 44° hosted VoIP phone system appears to operate like a traditional land line phone system. However, your hosted VoIP phone system is different as it is connected to the Internet. There are several critical issues to consider with respect to making Emergency (911) Service calls.

Emergency (911) Service

If you dial 911, you will be automatically routed to a specialized call centre that handles emergency calls. This call centre is not the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) that would answer a traditional land line emergency (911) call.

  • Please Note: You will be required to provide your name, telephone number,
    unit or suite number and street address to the call centre operator.

Emergency (911) Service Access

Emergency (911) Service may not be available if your Internet connection is down or your hosted VoIP service is not available. This can happen if there is power failure at your location. Emergency (911) Service may also not be available if you are calling from outside Canada.

If you change the primary business address, your access to Emergency (911) Service will change and will not work properly. Please advise SaaS 44 Inc. of any move to a new primary business address, or change of use of your hosted VoIP service, immediately. Call us at 647.476.3556 ext.222 or contact us.

  • Warning: If you fail to advise SaaS 44 Inc. of any address change,
    your ability to access Emergency (911) Service may be compromised
    putting you and your employees at risk.

Customer Emergency (911) Guidelines

SaaS 44° recommends that customers:

  • Ensure that every person using the VoIP phone system understands the Emergency 911 Service limitations. We suggest you incorporate this information into your employee Health and Safety Training program, Employee Manual and include it as part of any new employee orientation;
  • Affix the supplied warning stickers to your VoIP routers, switches and SIP phones;
  • Have a backup power supply, such as UPS, in the event of a power outage or an Internet outage;
  • Advise SaaS 44 Inc. immediately if you change your primary business location. If you fail to do so and you are unable to speak during a 911 call, the emergency operator may assume that you are at the last registered address;
  • Are prepared to confirm the location and call back number with the emergency operator who answers the Emergency (911) Service call as the emergency operator may not have this information;
  • Stay connected during a 911 call until you are advised to hang up by the Emergency 911 Service operator; and
  • Call Emergency 911 Service again if you are disconnected.