PoE vs. AC Adapter?

PoE or Power over Ethernet technology describes a system of transferring electrical power, along with data, to IP phones over standard twisted pair cable in an Ethernet network where it would be inconvenient or expensive to supply electrical power separately. It often doesn't require modification of existing Ethernet cabling infrastructure.

Most of the Aastra phone models we offer are 'PoE ready' which means they offer a customer a choice of electrical power options. Some models are shipped with with an AC Adapter included while others require an optional AC Adapter. You may see which models offer which options by going to Phone Pricing.

An 'AC Adapter' equipped phone will receive it's electrical power from an AC Adapter which is plugged into a conventional electrical outlet. The Internet connection to the phone is supplied by an Ethernet connection identical to that which is used to connect your PC or laptop to the Internet.

In order for your 'POE' phone to receive electrical power, you will need a PoE switch. Your phone will connect to the PoE switch and receive it's electrical power and access to the Internet from the same Ethernet cable.

Before ordering phones, you should decide how you are going to power your phones to make sure the phones you purchase will meet your needs. All the Aastra phones we offer provide you with complete flexibility. However, it is important that all the additional hardware required is included so your system will be fully functional.

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