How do I restore my personal BlackBerry settings and options after a Zimbra/BlackBerry Enterprise Activation?

To restore selected BlackBerry databases to your Blackberry:

  • Open Blackberry Desktop Manager by clicking the BlackBerry Desktop Manager icon.,
  • Using the USB cable, connect your BlackBerry to your PC or laptop,
  • Verify the main screen displays both the PIN # and the word Connected,
  • If it does, select Backup and Restore,
  • To selectively restore data click the Advanced button.

The screen should display Desktop File Databases (backup files) on the left side and the Device Databases (BlackBerry) on the right side.

  • If the left is blank, click on File (upper left corner of the screen), click Open, and select the Backup File you wish to use for the restore.
  • Select the individual databases you want to restore from the left hand table and then click on the right arrow button.

Note: If the arrow button and the Database name are gray, then the Device Database is currently read only. Device Databases such as Address Book, Calendar, Memo, and Tasks are read only when wireless synchronization is turned on. Disconnect the BlackBerry and turn off the wireless synchronization for the specific database(s) you want to restore.

For example, to disable synchronization for Address Book, enter the Address Book on the BlackBerry and bring up the Options menu. If its been activated for Enterprise Services, there should be a wireless synchronization option. Set this to No to allow Desktop Manager to restore from your backup file. When you access the Backup/Restore (Advanced) screen again, Address Book should be displayed in black font on both sides of the screen and the right arrow will allow you to restore the Address Book Desktop File Database to the BlackBerry. Once the restore is complete, return to Address Book Options on the BlackBerry and reset the Wireless Synchronization for Address Book to Yes.