How do I manage spam?

SaaS 44° uses SpamAssassin's predefined rules as well as a Bayes database to score email messages with a numerical range. The spam filter uses a percentage value to determine “spaminess” based on a SpamAssassin score of 20 as 100%. Any message sent to you at your SaaS 44° hosted email service that is tagged between 33%-75% is considered spam and delivered to the your Junk folder. Messages tagged above 75% are considered spam and discarded by the filter.

You can open and view these messages in your Junk folder.

If the message is spam, delete it

If the message is not spam, move it from your Junk folder and file it in your Inbox or any other folder you choose.

If you receive spam message in your Inbox, don't delete it. Please file it in your Junk folder.

When you add messages to or remove messages from the Junk folder, it helps to train the spam filter for you and all other SaaS 44&deg users.