About SaaS 44°

SaaS 44° Inc. was created in July 2007 by seasoned IT professionals. As IT service providers and business owners ourselves, we have shared the benefits of our substantial enterprise level IT experience with many of our business customers.

For many years, our focus has been the development and delivery of managed core IT services for business. Our goal was to provide our business customers with the benefits of enterprise level core IT services while retaining day to day responsibility for the operation, maintenance and security of the core IT services as well as the IT infrastructure required to deliver them.

Our goal was often difficult, if not impossible, to achieve as meeting our customers needs often required considerable application development, customization and the deployment of sophisticated and expensive IT and network infrastructures. We were frustrated and our customers were equally frustrated.

The convergence of sophisticated core IT web based applications, affordable HS broadband access and web savvy users has created an exciting and challenging new business IT environment. We asked ourselves how the evolving IT environment could be leveraged to best serve business and facilitate the delivery of the new web based business applications and services.

As always, we felt that our collaborative approach would best serve our interests as well as the best interests of our business customers. We would assume responsibility for the deployment, delivery, maintenance, support, data back up and IT infrastructure while the customers primary focus would be to maximize the benefit of the application itself. We would do what we do best, our customers would do what they do best and the result would be a win-win in the true spirit of collaboration.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model appeared to us to be the ideal way of achieving our goal. All our business customers have to do is open a web browser, log in, access our hosted IT environment and start working. As is often the case, the idea for the ideal solution often occurs before it can actually be implemented.

We are pleased that the Internet has evolved to allow us begin executing our vision. As the web environment continues to change, we will change with it. Our plan is the integrate the applications we deliver to create synergy for our customers. We will continue to offer new and complimentary solutions that meet your needs.

As always, our customers will be our best source of feedback as to what works and what doesn't. We want to hear from you and benefit from your experience. Contact us any time and tell us how we are doing or what services you would like us to offer in the future.