Our goal is to deliver value to your business. SaaS 44°'s monthly subscription fees will, in most cases, be less than what you are spending now for equivalent services.

We have designed our pricing structure to make it easy for you to estimate your monthly subscription. Simply count the number of Zimbra mailboxes (MBs), type of mobile device syncs, and Hosted VoIP extensions you need and calculate the monthly subscription.

There will be one time activation fees as indicated. If you do not already have SIP phones, you will need to review our selection of Aastra SIP phones and choose the models that best suit your needs. You may also want headphones for your SIP phones or other accessories.

There may be additional one time costs depending the email migration process required or the type of segmented VoIP LAN you set up.

We suggest you review our System Requirements page before you proceed as it will assist you with your calculations, particularly with respect to hosted VoIP.

If you have any questions, please contact us.