Zimbra Archiving and Discovery

If your company requires digital archiving of email for compliancy, SaaS 44° offers a turnkey solution that meets all legal requirements.

Zimbra Archiving and Discovery (ZAD) archives all data, prevents users from deleting data, facilitates data searches across mailboxes by keyword (including exploded headers and attachments) and can go back in time as far as the first entry in your company's ZAD archive.

There is a monthly subscription for each archived mailbox plus a monthly charge for the GBs required to store the contents of all archived mailboxes.

Please note that you may not be required to archive all your mailboxes, just those deemed necessary for compliance. Please consult your Professional advisers.

Zimbra Archiving and Discovery (ZAD) may be purchased as a stand alone service and is capable of archiving email from any type of email server.

Please contact us for more information.