What is a Zimbra mailbox (MB) quota?

A MB quota is a data storage limit set for each MB by a customers domain admin. The quota sets the maximum amount of storage space in megabytes (MB) which can be as little as 100 MB's or up to 1O GB's.

Each MB is the container for a given users email, documents, calendars, contacts and other information. The maximum amount of space available for a single mailbox is 10 GB's. The default quota limit of 10 GB's can be increased. Just open a support ticket at our on line help desk and request the change.

We send alerts to users advising them when they are approaching their quota. When a particular MB reaches it's quota, it stops receiving mail and senders will receive a mailbox full, bounced message.

Individual MB quotas are managed in the context of a customers aggregate GB's of storage capacity. If a customer has purchased 20 GB's of storage for a given month, the domain admin can allocate that 20 GB's between MB's and other services in a way that maximizes the storage resources. The domain admin has the flexibility to allocate larger MB quotas to heavy users and smaller MB quotas to users who only send and receive emails occasionally. This saves you money.