Can SaaS 44° recover my deleted email or documents?

SaaS 44° backs up all user data every day for 30 days. You can recover your mailbox or documents for the previous 29 days.

Just open a support ticket at our on line help desk and ask us to restore your MB. Please include the date, or time period, you think you deleted the missing data.

We will restore your mailbox as restoreyou(@) Just login to Zimbra using restoreyou(@) as your Username and your existing password, find the missing document or email and transfer it to your active mailbox. SaaS 44° will delete the restored mailbox within 48 hours.

SaaS 44° offers MB restore at no additional charge provided the service is used appropriately.

You may keep your email and data in your personal mailbox as long as you like. Our Zimbra Archiving and Discovery (ZAD) SOX Compliance service extends the storage flexibility and capability even further.