Fully Managed Service vs. Hosted Service?

In order to maximize the Zimbra end user experience, an organization requires a certain level of IT expertise due to the complexity that has been introduced into the messaging architecture by mobile devices, document management, spam and virus management, the need to deliver high availability and the inclusion of new collaboration tools like wikis and Zimlets to link to third party applications like Asterisk.

Many businesses do not have this level of expertise in house and, if they do, it is most likely being used to support unique in house applications vital to the success and profitability of the organization.

Fully Managed Service

With SaaS 44°s Fully Managed Service, we manage the Zimbra IT complexity and all you have to do is enjoy the benefits. Our Fully Managed Service delivers all that Zimbra has to offer while SaaS 44° assumes responsibility for the administration and management of the customer's user population including:

  • all moves, adds, restores and changes,
  • supporting mobile devices,
  • managing spam, viruses and junk mail, and
  • all end user troubleshooting.

Hosted Service

Customers wanting to enjoy all that Zimbra has to offer but wishing to maintain full administration of user accounts as well as provide end user support support to each employee can choose SaaS 44°'s Hosted Service. While you support your employees, SaaS 44° makes Zimbra available to every end user - 24/7.

The scope of support does NOT include:

  • Troubleshooting or assisting with software or services classified by Zimbra or SaaS 44° as "beta",
  • Helping to troubleshoot or re-install a customers operating system or unrelated application,
  • Complex transitions requiring SaaS 44°'s expertise with respect to planning and performing hands on migration of email, or
  • Programming, ZCS training or complex IT services which may, however, be available as Consulting Services. Please contact sales(@)saas44.com.