Does SaaS 44° offer Zimbra/BlackBerry sync?

Yes. SaaS 44° can enable Zimbra/BlackBerry sync. It will sync all your data including email, contacts, calendar and tasks. There will be an activation charge and a monthly subscription for Zimbra/BlackBerry sync.

Please note that the Zimbra/BlackBerry sync is a beta offering and therefore support will not be provided once you have completed your Zimbra/BlackBerry Enterprise Activation. Please also note that several SaaS 44° staff are using the same Zimbra/BlackBerry sync service we are offering to customers without any significant issues. Zimbra is developing an updated Zimbra/BES connector which is scheduled for release in late 2008.

You can also enable push mail access for your Zimbra email at you(@) using your your Mobile Device Service Providers web client. As this service is not provided by SaaS 44° there is no charge.