Why does SaaS 44° charge activation fees?

SaaS 44° charges an activation fee for each Zimbra mailbox (MB), BlackBerry sync, Zimbra mobile sync, Zimbra Archiving and Discovery (ZAD) mailbox (MB) and every Hosted VoIP extension purchased.

SaaS 44° believes that charging an activation fee is preferable to locking a customer into a long term contract where “activation fees” are simply built into and spread over the life of the long term contract. In addition, activation fees assist SaaS 44° implement infrastructure upgrades, support additional systems resources and ensure quality service and support.

Activation fees cover the following services:

  • Email migration assistance to help you move your email to our servers, including IMAP sync service, as required,
  • Configuration of mobile devices to sync with our servers, as required,
  • Configuration of Zimlets, as required,
  • Configuration of ZAD mailboxes, as required, and
  • Configuration of the Auto Attendant (IVR) and extensions, as required.

We offer every new customer a 30 day free trial. You are free to cancel your service, without charge, at any time during the 30 day free trial period.

SaaS 44° will charge you a $1.00 deposit for each Zimbra mailbox (MB) and a $5.00 deposit for each Hosted VoIP extension in order to verify your credit card and to bind you to SaaS 44°'s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Service Level and Support Agreement.

On day 31, SaaS 44° will invoice and charge all outstanding activation fees together with the month 2 subscription for each service you purchased. On your first invoice, you will receive a credit for your initial deposit.

If you decide during the first 30 days that you do not wish to continue, we will refund your deposit in full.